How to Reserve Study Space

  1. Select the area of campus where you’re looking for space
  2. Find the building and type of space you need
  3. Pick an available room/seat, date, and time and reserve
    Each space will have its own rules for the days and times offered and other booking conditions. Make sure to read all rules and information before you confirm your reservation.
  4. Make sure you receive a confirmation email showing your reservation
    You might need this to check in.

How to Cancel Your Reservation

At the bottom of your reservation confirmation email, look for To cancel this booking and follow the link. You’ll need to log back into the system, and you will have the option to cancel an individual or all reservations.

On the Day of Your Reservation & General Etiquette

  • Make sure to get to your reserved seat on time and don’t stay past your reservation time.
  • If someone is at your confirmed seat, kindly show them your confirmation email.
  • Follow any check-in instructions at your seat, if that's a requirement.
  • Follow all posted rules and signs. 
  • As always, wear your face covering, maintain proper physical distancing, and complete your daily ResponsiBlue screening.

Need Help?

For technical help with the Study Spaces at U-M tool, contact the ITS Service Center.

For help about a specific space, reach out to the local building contact listed for your space.